Barbezat Villetard, Rowena Harris, Cédric Raccio, Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, Marco Strappato, Vincent Tanguy, Maurizio Vicerè, Fabien Zocco

curated by Porter Ducrist

11.06.22 – 8.10.22

Spazio In Situ, Roma (IT)


Curated by Abstracte + The Court
July 31 – September 25, 2022


Poster by Dima Shiryaev

THE COURT presents its sixth appointment KARA KITAP (from the Turkish The Black Book) in the new space Ti Studio in Roseto Degli Abruzzi.

The exhibition project, inspired by the work of the Nobel Prize for Literature Orhan Pamuk and resumed in several moments during the pandemic period, was born from the collaboration between the two platforms ABSTRACTE and THE COURT which together curated the group show, inviting to be part and confronting the artists: Joshua Evan (US), Arjan Janssen (NL), Riki Mijling (NL), Esther Miquel (ES), Peter Mohall (NO), Maurizio Vicerè (IT), Jan Willem van Welzenis (NL) and Josef Zekoff (AT).
The absolute protagonist is black, interpreted through the production of peculiar visions, sometimes physical and sometimes more introspective. Black, like white for the rest, is at the extreme of the a-chromatic scale within which it is possible to find further gradations of shades, more and more infinitesimal that make the path dark at times impenetrable, suggesting an intermittent journey in and out of the light.
The exhibition layout, rational in the choice of maintaining the same distances between the works on display, translates into a white box made of black windows that overlook evocative horizons. Each work exists in its absoluteness and at the same time in harmony with the others. Expressive means such as painting, sign, photography, sculpture up to more recent reproduction techniques, coexist in the same environment representing thresholds of unexplored worlds, lysergic visions, visual alterities or more appropriately leaps into the void.


By Karl Fousek

Released May 1, 2020

What Was Once Or Twice recorded 2019 at The Chapel, Seattle. Circling recorded 2016, Montreal.

Time For Another User recorded 2017-18, Montreal; Philippe Vandal contributed additional synthesizer.

All tracks compiled, edited and mixed 2020 at Deep Blue, Vancouver.

Mastered by Josh Stevenson at Otic Sound.

Artwork by Maurizio Vicerè from the HOLOGRAMS series.


Denmark, by B Lind Krarup